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20+ Years of Combined Experience

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Flat rate: $150 NZD per Hour
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Feeling overwhelmed or lost in the world of cryptocurrency? You’re not alone. Whether you’re stuck on a technical issue, looking for guidance, or seeking to expand your knowledge, we’re here to help.

Meet the team: Sarn, Nic, and Harry, three passionate crypto enthusiasts with years of experience and a commitment to simplifying the complexities of crypto for you. From wallet recoveries to educational consultations, our expertise covers a wide range of services designed to meet your needs.

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood crypto consultants – approachable, down-to-earth, and dedicated to helping you navigate the crypto landscape with confidence.

Ready to take the next step? Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you. 

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Our Consultants

Sarn Elliott

Crypto YouTuber

Harry Satoshi

Crypto Admin

Nic Turnbull

CumRocket Expert

How We Can Help You

Getting Started

Managing Crypto Wallets

Buying in Crypto in NZ

I am your NZ crypto hitman for hire – anything I can help you with can be discussed in our sessions. 

My Values

Note: I am not a registered financial consultant, none of my words / mentoring is to be considered financial advice. 

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027 6666 931

We will link up if you’re in Canterbury, or work over encrypted video call / screen share if you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Stewart Island or beyond. 

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