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Harry Satoshi NZ

Harry Satoshi

Cryptocurrency NZ Founder

Kia Ora. I’m Harry Satoshi (@Aoraki_RangerNZ) – a crypto enthusiast based out of the beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand / Aotearoa. 
My crypto journey began in 2017, setting out to better understand and contribute to NZ’s decentralized cryptocurrency revolution.

Along the way, I became Easy Crypto NZ’s first employee, founded Cryptocurrency NZ, the NZ P2P Marketplace, secured ownership of NZ’s largest crypto groups on Facebook, Reddit, & Discord in the name of free speech and NZ crypto community – and helped orchestrate hundreds of crypto meetups across the lands of NZ.

If you ever need a trusty hand to walk you through the basics, getting started, wallets, recovery or beyond, I am at your service. 

Harry Satoshi NZ

How I can Help you

Decentralized Finance consulting nz

Getting Started

Managing Crypto Wallets

Trading Crypto Consulting nz

Buying / Selling Crypto

Trezor Wallet consulting nz

Wallet Recovery Services

Crypto Bitcoin Consulting NZ

Other Areas of Expertise

I am your NZ crypto hitman for hire – anything I can help you with can be discussed in our sessions. 

My Current Projects

Proof of Identity

Ethereum: 0x32c79F81D046B6470AaB01474c585008856ea466

Beware of imposter scammers pretending to be me. 

Get In Touch

027 6666 931

We can meet in person if you’re located in Ōtautahi Christchurch, or we can collaborate via encrypted video call/screen share if you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Stewart Island or beyond.