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I’m Harry Satoshi (@Aoraki_RangerNZ) – a cryptocurrency enthusiast and consultant based out of the beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand / Aotearoa.  

My crypto journey began 6 years ago in 2017, setting out to financially liberate myself to create the means to pay for my dreams, ambitions and ideas.

Along the way, I became Easy Crypto‘s first employee & digital marketing manager, founded Cryptocurrency NZthe NZ P2P Marketplacelaunched crypto meetups up and down the country, secured ownership of NZ’s largest crypto groups on FacebookReddit, & Discord in the name of free speech and NZ crypto community – and most meaningfully..

I’ve helped thousands of Kiwis get started with all things Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency investing in New Zealand. 

How I Can Help You


Managing Crypto Wallets

Investing in Crypto in NZ

I am your crypto hitman for hire – anything I can help you with can be discussed in our sessions. 

My Values

Note: I am not a registered financial consultant, none of my words / mentoring is to be considered financial advice. 

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027 6666 931

And we’ll link up if you’re in Canterbury, or work over encrypted video call / screen share if you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Stewart Island or beyond. 

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