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Crypto Consulting NZ
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Sarn Elliott

Crypto Expert

I got into crypto back in 2017 out of sheer curiosity. Fast forward seven years, and I’ve been actively working in the industry, specialising in creating educational content tailored for Kiwis in crypto.

Through my YouTube channel, I’ve assisted over 100,000 individuals, and I also offer personalized consultations to clients, helping them navigate their crypto journey.

My expertise lies in simplifying complex concepts and resolving intricate situations, honed over my seven years in the field.

Ready to dive in? Book a session, and I’ll reach out to discuss how I can assist you.

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Get in touch

We can meet in person if you’re located in Auckland, or we can collaborate via encrypted video call/screen share if you’re anywhere else in New Zealand.

How I Can Help You

General assistance

Leverage my knowledge to learn or get help on anything crypto.

Wallets & recoveries

Setup, learn & simplify your wallets. Recovery for lost access or assets.

Bitcoin education

Learn Bitcoin inside out and understand it's history + technical operation.

DeFi and altcoins

Venture decentralized finance and altcoins across networks with confidence.

Crypto product strategy

Crypto integration guidance for non-crypto businesses.

Anything else

Fill in the form and I'll let you know if I can be of assistance..